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Biography: Alison Lowry

Alison Lowry
Alison Lowry

Irish artist Alison Lowry’s works do not shy away from traumatic situations and memories. From Vessels (of Remembrance), her commentary on a horrific child abuse story in the recent past, to The Others (95% Series), her reference to the 95% of rape victims who will never report their crimes, Lowry uses viewers’ interactions with their personal traumas to explore psychological phenomenon.

Lowry is formally trained in textiles, and began working with fused glass in 2008. In addition to her studio work, she teaches pâte de verre and screen printing on glass. Lowry’s work has been exhibited in shows internationally, including the Body Talk exhibition at Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark and OMG at the Red Cone Glass Centre, Stourbridge in 2013. In 2009, she was awarded the Glass Society of Ireland’s Award.

During her April 2014 Residency at The Studio, Lowry explored Freud’s concept of repetition/compulsion, creating a large-scale installation for a solo show titled Everything in its place/A place for everything at Ebeltoft Glass Museum in January 2015.