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Biography: Charlotte Potter

Charlotte Potter

Charlotte Potter is an artist whose projects grow in the cracks of time between work and life. Formerly the glass studio manager and programming director at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, Potter is also an educator, self-employed designer, and recently relocated to Vermont to be a full-time, independent artist.

Responding to turbulent societal and political shifts in her environment, Potter feels a responsibility “to create work that is reflective of our modern times.” For her residency in November 2018, Potter intends to continue her project, “Lenticular America,” a series of glass portraits cut into strips and displayed using lenticular technology. Expanding upon her original triptych, Potter hopes to build her body of research and “develop techniques that allow her to continue mapping out underrepresented aspects of American history,” she says.

“When viewing the work straight on,” Potter explains, “the portraits are completely indecipherable, and the haunting depictions are only revealed by physically changing perspectives, asking the viewer to visually reconcile the two opposing angles.”

Potter has exhibited internationally at institutions in Dubai, Norway, Australia, and the U.S. Originally trained in the traditional Venetian style of glassblowing, Potter has forged a reputation for pioneering glassmaking as a performance art. In 2008, Potter co-founded Cirque de Verre, which exhibited at The Corning Museum of Glass in 2009.