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Biography: Claire Deleurme

Claire Deleurme
Claire Deleurme

Claire Deleurme is an artist and glass sculptor living and working in France. Through her work, she mixes pâte de verre, paper and embroidery, in an attempt to question identity and memory from a sensitive and poetic viewpoint. Through both tactile and visual experiences, she addresses universal emotions, placing emphasis on disappearance, forgetting, and the fragility of life.

“Intimate expressions, my pieces are born of the dialogue with the materials, delicate and fragile,” said Deleurme, who tries to create a balance between transparency and opacity. “They are the reflections of my intuitions. Accurate timing and gests are primordial for my straightforward search to weave stories.”

Deleurme earned her National College Diploma in Visual Arts from École Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Cornouaille, France, and received her European Glass Fellows diploma with honors from Centre Européen de Recherches et Formation aux Arts Verriers, Vannes-le-Châtel, France. Most recently, she completed an internship in the glass department at Ikata, College of Crafts and Design in Ikaalinen, Finland. Her work has been exhibited in France, the Czech Republic, and in the U.S.

During her residency, she completed the third chapter of her project, Les langages silencieux: Histoire de brodeuses (“Silent language: Needleworker Stories”). This series takes a poetic look at women’s bodies, contemporary or absent, aiming to uncover the identities and memories of women. This third chapter reveals the “re-imagined history” of women through objects, primarily handkerchiefs, combined with pâte de verre, engraving, text, and photos.