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Biography: Jake Short

Jake Short
Jake Short

University of Georgia, Associate Professor of Art History, Jake Short is interested in examining the 19th-century convergence of artisanal labor, commerce, art and autodidact science through emerging global networks of natural history and trade. Short’s research will focus on the social and economic history of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka while highlighting their place in both German and global traffic in natural history objects.

During his residency in November and December of 2018, Short will utilize The Corning Museum of Glass Ward’s Natural Science Establishment Papers and The Blaschka Collection along with visits to the University of Rochester and Cornell University.

Short plans to integrate the foundational work done at the Rakow Research Library into his book on natural history and global consciousness in the 19th century, in which the Blaschkas will appear as recurrent, emblematic and correlative figures linking key themes.