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Biography: Jen Kuhn

Jen Kuhn
Jen Kuhn

Jen Kuhn came to glassmaking late in life. After spending decades working with children and animals, she was introduced to flameworking by a friend. She then took a one-week class at The Studio and became dedicated to bead making in soda-lime glass. She spent the first five years making glass beads focusing on small, intricately-detailed beads for jewelry. In 2013, she became a demonstrator at the Museum where she learned to work in borosilicate for sculpture. This led to an interest in working on a larger scale in her beadwork as well. Kuhn is passionate about teaching and enjoys the challenge of helping students, especially beginners, problem solve.

Kuhn currently works as a demonstrator/narrator for the daily science and flameworking demonstrations in the Innovation Center as well as making production work in her home studio. 


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