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Biography: Jenny Trinks

Jenny Trinks
Jenny Trinks

Complex but logically composed, Jenny Trinks’ works are inspired by architecture and urban spaces. The German artist has been exploring the art of glass fusing since 2007. Her initial studies were in painting and photography, until she discovered the translucent properties of glass. “Glass was a completely new material for me and now it is the most important material,” she says.

Trinks completed post-graduate studies at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Germany. Her works have been exhibited and nominated for awards internationally, including the Czech Republic, United States, France, Germany, and Japan.

During her May 2014 Residency, Trinks explored the connection between paint and sculpture. “With paintings on glass, I collect and build up layers of information which are visible and tactile,” says Trinks. “Striking a fine balance between ordered logical composition and soft velvet coloured forms emanating from the glass surfaces.”