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Biography: Jessi Moore

Jessi Moore - Photo by Chris Walters
Jessi Moore

From the moment Jessi Moore took her first terrifying and exhilarating gather of glass, she was hooked on the material and its endless possibilities for artistic expression. Moore has been honing her craft since 2001. Her work and studies led her beyond her home state of Washington to schools and glass studios around the country, including Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. While Moore was initially drawn to the drama and excitement of glassblowing, it was the expressive potential of kiln worked glass where Moore found her artistic voice. Her current body of work combines several glassworking techniques, including pâte de verre. This meticulous technique involves arranging particles of glass into molds that are then heated to sinter the glass together.

Currently based in New York City, Moore earned a BA in American Cultural Studies from Western Washington University and an MFA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.