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Biography: Joan Crous

Joan Crous

Joan Crous is Spanish but has lived and worked in Italy for 25 years, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

He has a multi-disciplinary education: while studying for his degree in history, he also attended the Massana art academy in Barcelona. He specializes in glass, visiting international centers (Strasburg, Prague, Montreal and in the U.S.) and studying various techniques. The fundamental moment in his artistic trajectory, begun in 1986, was in 1994 when he perfected an entirely personal way of working glass. The technical innovation merged perfectly with a concept of the fragility of human work and the fleeting nature of time.

The aura of objects unearthed is intentional. Crous is inspired by the vestiges of objects preserved at Pompeii and Herculaneum by volcanic lava, and uses his own technique of "fossilization," using glass powder, or fritted glass. The work he created in Sars-Poteries is the ninth in his Cenae series, which grew out of the fact that he had frozen the leftovers of his own nuptial dinner and, looking at them later, liked the effect of frost. He subsequently devoted himself to the theme of a memorable, even sacred, repast, frozen in glass.

Crous has exhibited in many locations in Europe and North America, including twice in Venice for the International Glass Biennale. In 2013, he participated with his works in the artistic film ‘El somnni’ by F. Aleu.