Biography: John D.M. Green

Jack Green
John D.M. Green

John D.M. (Jack) Green joined the Museum in January 2016 as the deputy director for collections, research, and exhibitions. Green is a creative partner with the Museum’s president and executive director, Dr. Karol Wight, and assists in the strategic leadership of the Museum. He also manages the collections, exhibitions, education, conservation, digital, publications, and science departments, along with the Rakow Research Library and The Studio.

Green most recently held the position of chief curator at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum (OIM), specializing in the art, archaeology, and history of the ancient Middle East and East Mediterranean. He gained significant leadership experience in a variety of functions at the OIM.

In addition to his work in university and museum settings, Green has archaeological survey and excavation experience in England, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel; collections and archives research experience in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East; and has provided advisory support on cultural heritage and museum projects in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the West Bank. Green received his BA in archaeology at the University of Liverpool. He received his MA and PhD from the Institute of Archaeology at University College London.