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Biography: Jong-Pil Pyun

Jong-Pil Pyun
Jong-Pil Pyun

Jong-Pil Pyun investigates sculptural expressions in glass. As a master’s level student at RIT, he became fascinated with the transparency and illusion of glass and focused on the cold-working process. Pyun’s Korean cultural heritage is a foundation for his early works, where he transformed Korean geometric graphics, such as the Dollim pattern, into three-dimensional sculptures. More recently, Pyun has moved toward exploring internal patterns, creating a series of plates symbolizing the missing chromosome that causes his son’s muscular dystrophy.

Pyun is currently the chair of the Department of Environmental Art and Design at Namseoul University, Korea. His book on contemporary glass, Glass, Knocking at the Door of Art, was published by the Korean Craft Promotion Foundation in 2010. His works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Korea and internationally.

He came to The Studio for his November 2014 Residency during a sabbatical year from teaching, and used his time to challenge his cold-working process and continue to discover new forms.