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Biography: Joseph Larnerd

Joseph Larnerd
Joseph Larnerd

Stanford University Ph.D. Candidate Joseph Larnerd is interested in developing a social art history of cut glass during the height of its popularity. By researching the medium, its much-discussed manufacture, and the discourses around each afforded “sites of making,” he reveals how working-class citizens, in particular, negotiated their perceptions of themselves, their compatriots, and their nation. “By uniting the production and consumption of cut glass under the rubric of “making, “my project offers a fundamentally new approach to the medium, and to the history of decorative arts writ large.”

As the first David Whitehouse Research Resident Scholar, Larnerd will begin his residency in August of 2018. Upon the completion of his residency at The Corning Museum of Glass, Larnerd will complete a one year fellowship program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He plans to defend his dissertation in the spring of 2019.