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Biography: Karlyn Sutherland

Karlyn Sutherland
Karlyn Sutherland

Dr. Karlyn Sutherland is inspired by the bond between people and place. Autobiographical in nature, her work explores this dialogue through glass and architecture, with a particular focus on how characteristics and qualities of space are capable of shaping our experience, memories, and sense of attachment to our surroundings.

“My work in glass is an extension of the sensibilities and skills that I have honed as an architectural designer,” Sutherland said. “My work in glass is a response to the atmosphere created by the play of light and shadow within architectural forms, heavily influenced by the many derelict and empty buildings that lie scattered along the coast near my home in the Scottish Highlands. I draw upon memory as I make, communicating firsthand experience of space and place; regardless of the eventual physical extent of the work, I am continually and automatically thinking at a life-size, bodily scale.”

Sutherland studied at the Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, where she received her doctorate of philosophy in architecture in 2014. She held a residency at Bullseye Glass Co. in Portland in 2015, and another at North Lands Creative Glass in 2010. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions across the globe.

In March and April of 2017, Sutherland explored applications and installations of glass both within architecture and on an architectural scale during her residency at The Studio. She focused on the transmission, reflection, and refraction of natural light. In August of 2017, The Corning Museum of Glass named Sutherland the 2017 recipient of the 32nd Rakow Commission. Her work was unveiled in November 2017.