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Biography: Livvy Fink

Livvy Fink
Livvy Fink

For Livvy Fink, glass is about what lies beneath the surface. She is inspired by the material’s depth, volume, and “frozen moments” existing somewhere between its liquid and solid states. “This sense of suspension, I hope, will spark the viewers’ imagination,” she says, “and a sense of discovery, triggering a loss of a sense of scale, with some people perceiving the inside of my glass works as cellular structures and others as galaxies.”

A sculptor living and working in East London, Fink studied at The Royal College of Art and the University of Brighton. Recently, she has been working with astrophysicists from the University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy and oncologists from Cancer Research on a collaborative project funded by an award from the Wellcome Trust Foundation. She is working alongside philosopher Ezra Rubenstein. The project involves “producing a series of new works exploring how the imaginary space within a glass object can illustrate how both the hidden worlds of outer space and of the cells within our bodies are linked through a shared sense of wonder,” she says.

Through this work, Fink has become interested in the similarities between the process of scientific experimentation and the creative and technological aspects of glassmaking. During her residency, Fink carried out a series of controlled experiments, looking at the effect of time, temperature, and density within predefined experimental boundaries. For example, she experimented with the movement of bubbles within primary shapes, watching how they can be moved and controlled during the casting process.