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Biography: Melania Ruiz Sanz De Bremond

Melania Ruiz Sanz De Bremond
Melania Ruiz Sanz De Bremond

Melania Ruiz Sanz De Bremond researches reverse painting on glass in the Hispanic world, an area of focus that has not been actively studied despite the survival of several works. She brings together questions about authorship and production as well as collecting practices, circulation, and the reception of these objects. Materiality is central to her hypothesis about the fascination that these works had in the viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru where imported works arrived even in the most frontier territories, such as the Jesuit missions of Paraguay.

An art historian and Ph.D. candidate at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Ruiz Sanz de Bremond is working on the dissertation “Reverse Painting on Glass: Production and Circulation between the Old and New World (1560-1790)”. She earned her BA in Art History from the same university (2016) and an MA in Art History from the Universidad de Sevilla (2017).

During her, David Whitehouse Research Residency for Scholars  Melania will investigate the history of glass production and usage in Spain and Latin America.

Melania's residency will take place from July 5 through July 26, 2022.