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Biography: Miles Parker

Artist Miles Parker uses a torch to melt a rod of clear glass
Miles Parker

Miles Parker is a self-taught glass artist from Ithaca, New York. He has been experimenting with glass in a variety of ways since 1997. Some of the techniques he has experimented with include fusing and slumping in the kiln, stained glass, both leaded and copper foil, as well as some furnace work. The majority of his experimentation has been in flameworking, most recently with encasing various objects, such as herkimer diamonds, volcanic pebbles, and a variety of elemental materials within borosilicate marbles. He is passionate about sharing his love for glass with people of all ages.

Says Parker, "Working glass is much like learning to walk. One who is very skilled may 'walk' around you all day long, however, until you stand up to feel the sensations and find your balance, you won’t really know how."

Parker still considers himself a toddler in the world of glass, one who is just catching his balance and thrilled by the excitement of the possibilities ahead.