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Biography: Nicole Georgopulos

Nicole Georgopulos
Nicole Georgopulos

Art Historian and Stony Brook University Ph.D. Candidate Nicole Georgopoulos’ dissertation examines the production of mirrored glass in France during the Industrial Revolution, and how the resultant proliferation of mirrors led to its frequent appearance in visual art. During her October 2018 residency, Georgopoulos will utilize the resources of the Rakow Library to conduct primary and secondary research on advancements in mirror manufacture in the 19th century in order to better understand the mirror’s literal and symbolic inflections on painting at the birth of Modernism.

The research undertaken at The Rakow Library will form the foundation of the introduction to Georgopoulos' dissertation. This research will also directly engage and support a pending Summer Residency Giverny for the Terra Foundation for American Arts.

The expected completion date of Georgopoulos’ dissertation is May 2020 after which she plans to publish in book form.