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Biography: Phoebe Stubbs

Phoebe Stubbs
Phoebe Stubbs

Phoebe Stubbs uses her work to investigate the material conditions for knowledge, focusing on the role of glass in instrumentation and image-making. Through video installations and photographic experiments, her work brings attention to the material of glass as a man-made membrane through which every photographic or video image is mediated—regardless of how technical or simple. She uses objects blown in the hot shop as sets for a video camera to move through, as objects to refract and reflect light onto diffusers, and as lenses to distort the images created.

Stubbs earned an MFA in glass from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 and an MA in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory from Kingston University, London, in 2015. In tandem with her glass practice, Phoebe works on a number of projects in arts editorial and research. Having worked as an editor at Black Dog Publishing and as the Managing Editor of the Journal for Artistic Research, she co-founded a new imprint in 2017, Pink Jacket, with Mimi Cabell. Together they also formed the collaboration Contributors Inc, which works to reveal bias in publishing in art and design via interventions and workshops.

For her David Whitehouse Research Residency,  Stubbs will research early refractive telescope-making of the 17th and 18th centuries, in terms of the technical operations of lens and instrument making, but also focusing on the language used to describe the experience of seeing something so otherworldly for the first time. 

Phoebe's residency will span from August 8 through August 27, 2022.