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Biography: Raghvi Bhatia

Raghvi Bhatia
Raghvi Bhatia

Raghvi Bhatia is an artist who considers the artistic experience as analogous to rituals: of searching for the sacred, of visiting religious institutions, and of questioning existence. Originally from New Delhi, India, Bhatia is fascinated with the history of glass seed beads. ”The first glass seed beads were made in southern India around the 5th century,” said Bhatia. ”Often used as currency by European traders, these beads became a vehicle for colonialism, while indigenous communities across the world adopted and seamlessly incorporated the bead into existing religious and craft traditions.”

Bhatia earned a BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design where she developed her artistic practice as a religious sect. Her ascetic and aesthetic philosophy explores similarities between glass, skin, and water–materials that are at once enduring and fragile. 

Her work has been published in New Glass Review 39.

Raghvi's residency at The Studio was documented in the following video.