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Biography: Sally Prasch

Sally Prasch

Sally Prasch's works have been exhibited nationally. She started working in glass at age 13 with Lloyd Moore, as a part-time apprentice at the University of Nebraska and later as a glassblowing instructor for the City of Lincoln Recreation Department. She earned a BFA from the University of Kansas in 1980, and, in 1986, she earned her degree in Applied Science from Salem College and got a job as a scientific glassblower and glass instructor at the University of Massachusetts, where she taught scientific glassblowing and the properties of glass to graduate students in chemistry and physics. She has also worked for AT&T doing large quartz work for the semiconductor industry. More recently, she is also working at Syracuse University as a scientific glassblower.

Prasch has also received recognition for her artistic work and was selected for inclusion in New Glass Review in 1993. Her current work is characterized by the combination of her technical skills and a strong art aesthetic. She places other-worldly figures in glowing globes filled with rare gasses and constructs portraits of friends from shards of broken glass.

Prasch has taught flameworking at UrbanGlass, the Penland School of Crafts, the Pilchuck School, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Michigan, the Niijima Glass Center and others.