Biography: Stephen Chapman

Stephen Chapman
Stephen Chapman

Stephen Joseph Chapman creates art as a way to explore and interpret the environment around him. He is interested in the environment and what we do to affect it. “Since I was I child, I have been fascinated with the vast depths of the ocean and the mystery still surrounding it,” said Chapman. “I apply this same sense of wonderment to the lens I view the rest of the world in. I attempt to use humor and absurdity when possible.” He recently began creating art in more sustainable ways: using recycled bottle glass, recycled paper, and plastic waste in his work.

Chapman first learned about glass as a child visiting The Corning Museum of Glass, a visit that would inspire him to become an artist. Initially starting his artistic journey in flameworking, he was heavily inspired by the work of renowned flameworkers Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka. He then branched out to other forms of glassworking as well as mixed media sculpture. In 2014, he earned his AFA in glass from Salem Community College, Massachusetts, and in 2017 his BFA in Sculpture and Dimensional Studies from Alfred University in N.Y. He worked for the Museum in 2015 as a Properties of Glass intern before joining the Properties of Glass team in 2017 as a demonstrator. He presents demonstrations in flameworking, glass breaking, and optical fiber.