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Biography: Steven Ciezki

Steven Ciezki
Steven Ciezki

Cups and vessel forms are the founding influence on Steven Ciezki’s body of work. Achieving these shapes has led him to experiment and apply theory to his process. His work has been exhibited in select group shows across the United States. His early works are a series of “three dimensional geometric sculptures that produce perceptual illusions through spatial drawings.” When the viewer is rightly aligned, the piece “coalesces into the semblance of a two-dimensional representation.” His recent works continue to focus on the viewer’s perceptual experience, attempting to remove the viewer from routine.

During his May 2014 Residency, Ciezki experimented with color theory principles. He explored optical mixing and color field studies through the use of a variety of colored cane in a continuation of his Stacks series, tall towers of sectioned blown glass pieces. Says Ciezki, “Color is around us every second of our lives and I want to show its potential and possibilities in a different manner through this new glasswork.”