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Biography: Troy Smythe

Troy Smythe
Troy Smythe
Education and Interpretation Supervisor

Troy Smythe leads interpretation teams, teaches, and writes for visitors about glass at The Corning Museum of Glass.

He remembers first seeing art as a middle-schooler when he stumbled upon a print by the Dutch artist Rembrandt on view in the trailer of an 18-wheeler. The Arkansas Arts Center had mounted a selection of prints and drawings in the truck as an exhibition and brought them to his hometown. The surprise of finding great art in an unexpected place that any middle-school boy would love stuck with him. The experience was a first step toward a career in museum education.

Before moving to Corning, Smythe spent 20 years dedicated to learning in museums directing outreach, teacher, and docent programs for the Dallas Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He also worked as an independent consultant.

Learning about the human brain taught Smythe the importance of memory and emotion during museum visits. When positive feelings accompany an event, people often form strong and treasured memories about it. Smythe’s goal at The Corning Museum is to help visitors create those kinds of experiences for themselves.

Smythe has a BA in administrative management from the University of Arkansas and an MA in art history from Vanderbilt University.

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