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Biography: Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini
Vittorio Costantini

Vittorio Costantini was born in 1944, on the island of Burano, which is near Murano, and situated in the lagoon of Venice, Italy. Typical of most islanders, he is the son of a fisherman and his mother was a lace maker. He began an apprenticeship in a glass factory at the early age of 11. Initially, flameworking was a hobby which occupied the little time he had after a long day working in the factory. Since Costantini opened his own workshop in Venice, flameworking has become his true focus and passion.

He always had an innate fascination with nature. In fact, all his creations show great mastery, art, and love for nature. He spends endless hours creating individual pieces: multi-colored insects, iridescent butterflies, birds, fish, colorful flowers, etc.

Costantini considers himself a great observer of the little universes (or micro cosmos) that surrounded us daily. With the profound vision of an artist, he looks deep into the fields, the skies, the waters, and observe what many people may easily overlook.

His artistic talent has led him to participate in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Costantini’s approach has always been directed towards the knowledge of flameworking. In the past few years, he has enjoyed devoting himself to teaching and demonstrating.

Those who have visited his laboratory in Venice can admire his rich, personal collection that is strictly not for sale. These pieces are testimony to many years of flame working and the evolution of his technique.