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Between Object & Landscape


June 3 - 8, 2019
Kiln Working
All Levels
One-Week Session

In this workshop, objects and imagery will be the foundation of building intimate personal narratives, which reflect on memory, longing, and process.

Students will create two small kiln cast sculptures, which relate to a collaged landscape composed out of kiln formed glass and imagery on paper. Using the lost wax technique, students will learn how to transform an object into a three-dimensional glass sculpture and how to construct a kiln formed glass panel. A dialogue between the object and the landscape will ultimately create a unique work of a personal vision. 

Photographs of landscapes, objects, paper, engraved lines, paint, and mixed media will add extra layers of meaning to the glass panel and functions as a connection between panel and sculpture.

For our processes we will use Zircar Mold Mix 6, which is easy to apply and flexible in its use.

Grab bags are provided by the instructor to inspire each student’s imagination on this adventure. No glassworking experience is necessary.

All skill levels are welcome.


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Sibylle Peretti

The world Sibylle Peretti creates for the children in her pieces is mysterious, blithe and pretty, and underscores their presence. “The children in my work impart a mystery around them,” said...