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Blow with the Flow


February 10 - 15, 2020
Glassblowing and Yoga
One-Week Session

Glassblowing encourages a presence, fluidity, and the willingness to improvise. Yoga also involves these traits. A mind and body connection is important within these two mediums. This class will be a traditional glassblowing class at The Studio. Students will focus on cause and effect in glass. We will be working on clean lines and designs to celebrate the simplicity of form and function. Each day will include a few yoga sessions: one to begin the day, one to end the day, and additional stretches and movement will be encouraged throughout the week.

A minimum of one year of experience is recommended in glass and no experience is needed in yoga.  

Jordana Korsen is certified in yoga, spinning, Pilates, and group exercise. Her certifications are from Mad Dog Athletics, Spinning, NETA and Fittour.


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Jordana Korsen

Jordana Korsen has been working with hot glass for more than 20 years, focusing on functional work with a sculptural touch. As a glassblower, she creates clean forms with a sense of humor. Korsen...