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Borosilicate Marbles: An In Depth Exploration of Tiny Worlds Within


February 11 - 16, 2019
All Levels
One-Week Session

Enjoy a fun–filled week of expanding your marble-making skills and exploring new possibilities. Focus on creating borosilicate marbles while incorporating a variety of techniques such as gold and silver fume, tubing implosion, surface application of color, dichroic glass, encasement, and more. These techniques can be used to create items like pendants and bracelets. Guided by student interest, a wide range of techniques will be taught including flame chemistry, adding lenses, inclusions, backings, and annealing, and more. Students are encouraged to arrive with concepts in mind, however, we will tour the museum for inspiration and consult the wonderful resources of the Rakow Research Library for answers to questions unknown.

While some experience is preferred, all levels are welcome.


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Miles Parker "Going Big in TX" (Photo by Aaron Verity)

Miles Parker is a self-taught glass artist from Ithaca, New York. He has been experimenting with glass in a variety of ways since 1997. Some of the techniques he has experimented with include...