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From Bubble to Art Installation


January 13 - 18, 2020
One-Week Session

This class will take students on a journey starting at the very beginning of an idea. Students will learn how to work out a design, finalize a draft, and explore the most suitable technique in traditional glassmaking. Combining the very best of Bohemian and Venetian-style glassblowing, students will be able to explore and experiment on color application and surface treatment with an emphasis on technique, form and control. This class will also focus on optimizing the production of blown glass objects with the goal of arranging and composing several objects to form larger installations.

One year of glassblowing experience is required.


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Man with short brown tousseled hair and black-framed glasses wears a black v-neck t-shirt and stands with his arms crossed. Slightly in front of him and to his left are a bunch of clear glass balls hanging from wires.

Combining old Venetian techniques and modern Scandinavian aesthetics, Robert Comploj uses cutting-edge methods to create glass objects with modern designs and bold colors. Nevertheless, their...