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Control & Abandon


January 27 - February 1, 2020
Stained Glass
One-Week Session

Students will explore ideas of control and abandon–complimenting the exacting nature of stained glass practice with intuitive and spontaneous methodologies. These methodologies will be gleaned initially during a series of experimental drawing sessions and further developed through application and collective dialogues. We will look at research, design development, cartooning, cut lining, glass selection, color, layering, masking, sandblasting, and painting applications. The aim will be to inspire fresh perspectives and innovative approaches when confronting a blank sheet of paper or a blank sheet of glass.

Participants will ideally need to have proficient skills in stained glass making, and most importantly, a love of drawing and painting.


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A man with slicked back gray hair wearing a dark gray sweater works at a table cutting pieces of glass.

While working as a sales assistant in a stained glass supply shop, Peter Young first became intrigued with the medium and began teaching himself the craft. His obsession with stained glass was...