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Engraving on Glass, What a Wonderful World!


July 8 - 13, 2019
Engraving and Cold Working
All Levels
One-Week Session

Students will start with the basics and gain an understanding of Matteo Seguso’s particular method of engraving. They will be able to watch him work and gain insight into how he uses tools and wheels before trying it for themselves! Students will have the opportunity to use a lathe while learning to navigate the interchangeable spindles and fixed wheels. No engraving experience is required, but those with experience will be able to better refine their technique.

Students should bring pictures, DVDs, books, or any other materials to inform their work. They should also bring a personal project such as a sketch, draft, drawing, idea, etc. Students will work to transform this project from paper to reality by the end of class.

All skill levels are welcome.


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Matteo Seguso

Matteo Seguso inherited a love for engraving from his father, Master Bruno Seguso. Starting in the Seguso & Linzi workshop created by his father and Paolo Linzi, he dedicated himself to...