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Flameworkers Blow Glass Too!


July 29 - August 3, 2019
All Levels
One-Week Session

This class will lay a strong foundation in flameworking. After an orientation to the tools and safe studio practices, students will work on exercises designed to isolate individual skills, gain confidence, and move forward. As students advance, there will be opportunities for tailored instruction on solid sculpting, hollow ware, straight seals, and pulling points, with focus on proper hand position, heat control, and rotation. It turns out that blowing is the easy part!

Projects will range from solid sculptures to simple ornaments and blown shapes. Experienced beadmakers may use Effetre and learn how to work it off mandrill. Instruction will be in borosilicate (hard) glass but will accommodate student interest in soda lime (soft) glass to a limited extent.

No glassworking experience is required, all skill levels are welcome.


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Jim Byrnes

Jim Byrnes began his career in glass as a scientific glassblowing apprentice in 1979 and earned a living making laboratory equipment for 30 years. More artist than scientist by nature, he has...