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Fluid Dynamics: Investigating Glass Movement in Kiln Cast Glass


February 3 - 8, 2020
Kiln Working
All Levels
One-Week Session

In this class students will explore the way glass moves through a mold at typical kiln casting temperatures. At 1600° F, soda-lime glass moves at about the speed of cold honey. We will look at the behavior of honey and other high-viscosity fluids to help us design and make molds that consider the following: the shape and position of the sprue, the shape of mold interior and obstacles, friction, drag, temperature of kiln, temperature of glass introduced to the mold, thermal dynamics, air bubble density in the glass, glass color viscosity, direction of glass flow, orientation of mold, and use of gravity.

Students will build upon this knowledge with results from each firing and use that to inform the next investigation. Students will leave the class with a few glass objects and a packet of shared notes on experiments and results. There will be time available to work in the cold shop.

All skill levels are welcome, any experience in mold making, glass casting, or other three-dimensional creating or scientific thinking will be helpful.


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