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Go With The Flow: Pattern & Flow Bars


January 14 - 19, 2019
Kiln Working
One-Week Session

Making kiln glass flow requires thick glass slabs and high, sustained temperatures. This class will introduce students to both. Pattern bars are relatively simple assemblages of glass, which develop very complex patterns. Students will explore a variety of techniques to create a series of different kinds of pattern bars, the parts of which will, in turn, be used as elements to create a series of other glass projects. All of the projects in this class will be multi-step projects with intermediate cold-working, processing, and reforming to create something new.

Explore how joining pattern pieces in a variety of ways and exposing them to high temperatures causes the glass to flow together into a cohesive and thick form. General kiln processes and the processes used to create pattern and flow bars will be explained in detail and demonstrated. Students should leave the class with a number of personally stylized pieces and the knowledge of how to create these flow objects on their own. One year of kiln forming experience recommended.


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Roy Gruver

Artist Roy Gruver from Bethlehem, Pa., specializes in kiln-formed glass and is one of the founders and a resident artist at the newly formed R&R Glass Studio in Bethlehem. Gruver is the...