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Graphic & Color Systems in Glass


February 11 - 16, 2019
One-Week Session

Concentrate on the development and refinement of color and graphic resolutions in hot-worked glass objects. The instructor specializes in the sphere. Students may use the sphere, with its minimal and neutral physical presence, to work out color combinations. Alternately, participants may use their own work as a basis (blown or solid) to develop new graphic and color applications. Whichever direction the participants choose, the goal of the course is to present students with a systematic, step–by–step approach for the derivation of sophisticated color resolutions—a kind of “aesthetic engineering.”

The instructor will present color theory, using Jonas Itten’s book, Elements of Color and will discuss the challenges and peculiarities of deriving successful sophisticated resolutions within hot constructed glass objects. Participants are encouraged to bring a diverse and labeled color palette of compatible glass.

A minimum of two years of glassblowing experience is necessary for this course.


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Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews has become internationally recognized for his mastery of the glass sphere. He began handling molten glass for aesthetic purposes in 1974 while studying with Henry Halem at Kent State...