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August 12 - 23, 2019
Kiln Working and Engraving
All Levels
Two-Week Session

This class will focus on hollow core kiln casting and traditional engraving techniques, layering the interior space of an object with images on the glass surface. Students will learn to create glass objects by kiln casting, and then add images on the surface by engraving. The class will provide a special opportunity to alter unique objects by utilizing the inherent qualities of glass–both visually and conceptually. Demonstrations and instruction will encompass moldmaking, modeling, coldworking, and engraving techniques. Other topics to be reviewed include casting with different types of glass and engraving with various wheel types.

It will be a great introduction for beginners, and helpful for advanced students as well!


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Cherishing her personal experiences and the feelings associated with them, Erika Tada creates artwork through the use of objects that play key roles in commemorating her memories. She primarily...

Tomo Sakai

Tomo Sakai graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, with a specialization in glass. Sakai studied glass engraving and coldworking in the Czech Republic, where she met her husband, glass...