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Japanese Aesthetics Kogei: The Way of Making Art with Glass


August 12 - 23, 2019
Two-Week Session

In Japan, one of the aesthetics about craft is the "beauty of usage." The Japanese term ‟kogei” translates to "craft" with functionality in mind. Kogei is a way to approach the creation of form through material in combination with technique.

During the first week, students will research individual points of attraction to glass through experimentation. During the second week, constructive works will be made through a process led by experimentation engaging several assistants in a teamwork approach. 

Students will learn how to bring bits, utilize the garage and pick–up kilns, and how to use the hot torch for assembly and construction. As students progress and create more complicated forms, it will become very important to learn how to work cooperatively with assistants. Cold working advice and instruction will also be available.

One year of glassblowing experience is required.


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Mashahiro Sasaki

Tensei, a Japanese concept similar to metamorphosis or reincarnation, is at the center of Mashahiro Sasaki’s work. He is fascinated by the collaboration of artist and glass properties to...