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Kiln It! Cast It!


January 27 - February 1, 2020
Kiln Working and Moldmaking
All Levels
One-Week Session

This class will delve deep into the world of kiln forming and mold making. Students will learn about the rich potential of kiln formed glass! With alginate, wax, and plaster we’ll use the kiln and the cold shop to explore the world of texture, form, and color through mold making. Students will learn to cut and assemble sheet glass for low relief compositions along with an introduction to mold making and wax working, to explore three-dimensional sculptural objects. With lots of exercises to encourage creativity, students can expect to leave with technical skills, new ideas, and a few finished projects. All this along with the ability to work independently and write their own kiln schedules.

No glassworking experience is necessary. Advanced students are also welcome.


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Jessi Moore - Photo by Chris Walters

From the moment Jessi Moore took her first terrifying and exhilarating gather of glass, she was hooked on the material and its endless possibilities for artistic expression. Moore has been honing...