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The Nature of Things


February 3 - 8, 2020
Glassblowing and Cold Working
One-Week Session

This class will focus on expressive uses of color and pattern created in the hot shop. With an emphasis on gesture and expression, we will look at a range of ways to apply and work with glass elements and color additions onto blown forms. Asymmetrical, flattened, and sculptural forms will be explored. Students will be encouraged to build the relationship between pattern and form in individual expressions and further develop a personal color aesthetic.

This class will draw on a number of resources for inspiration including patterns from the natural world, textiles, painting, and printmaking and use the resources of The Corning Museum of Glass and the Rakow Library.

In addition to the hot shop, coldworking techniques will be demonstrated. This will include sandblasting, engraving, flat bed grinding, and hand sanded finishes. We will look at how surface treatments can integrate layers, soften some mark making back or bring greater emphasis to line work.

One year of glassblowing experience is recommended.


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Clare Belfrage

Inspired by experiences of detail in nature, Clare Belfrage’s work has been distinguished by the use of fine glass threads to draw complex linear patterns on the surface of blown glass forms. She...