Design in an Age of Adversity

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Design in an Age of Adversity: Czech Glass, 1945-1980


Changing Exhibitions Gallery
June 15, 2005 to November 27, 2005

The Corning Museum of Glass explored a remarkable but little-known chapter in the history of 20th-century design in Design in an Age of Adversity: Czech Glass, 1945-1980, the largest gathering of postwar Czech glass ever seen in the United States. The exhibition featured a wide array of dazzling objects, including tour de force sculptures, that shed light on the innovations of Czech designers and artists who, working in the wake of World War II and under Communist rule, invented new ways of painting and creating sculptural forms in glass.

Vase with Two Female Figures - Artwork
Vase with Abstract Decoration - Artwork
[Untitled : SF 905] [art original] - Library
The Inner Space - Artwork
"Single Bloom" Vase with Lens-Shaped Cuts - Artwork
"Single Bloom" Vase - Artwork
"Single Bloom" Vase - Artwork
Bottle-necked Vase - Artwork
Vase with Stylized Animals - Artwork
Plate with Abstract Decoration - Artwork