Display Cases at The Studio


The Studio
May 26, 2016 to December 31, 2016

In addition to The Studio at 20 exhibition, a selection of favorite objects are on view in the display cases right inside The Studio.

Cesare ToffoloSee this year’s Junior Curators’ Exhibition: Highlights. The Junior Curator’s exhibit features objects that were made by The Studio’s artists, instructors, and students. This display case is on the right when entering through the doors behind the reception area.


William GudenrathAlso on display in The Studio is Community. Objects in this display case, located on the left when entering through the doors behind the reception area, were made by artists who work at The Studio or the Museum.


Paul StankardAnd finally, in the display case right next to the Make Your Own Glass workshop is Beginnings, a collection of objects made by artists who taught during The Studio’s first summer in 1996.