The Studio at 20


West Bridge
May 26, 2016 to January 22, 2017

For 20 years, The Studio has been a starting point for emerging artists and an incubator for new work by established artists. The works that were on view in this exhibition are part of the Museum’s permanent collection and were created by artists who have taught or who have been artists-in-residence at The Studio.

The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass is a community of artists who come together to learn, create, and teach. Since opening its doors in 1996, The Studio has welcomed more than 20,000 students, instructors, and resident artists from around the world.

What sets this teaching institution apart from others are the unique combination of facilities, the talented and dedicated staff, the inspiration of the Museum’s rich historical glass collection, and the significant holdings and staff assistance in the Rakow Research Library. In addition to being an internationally renowned glass teaching facility, The Studio is a place where artists come to make their work. A residency program supports 10 to 12 artists per year. Artists are selected through an application process and live and work in Corning for one month, fully supported by the staff of The Studio.

The Studio is open to the public, so please stop in during your visit to the Museum. Learn more about classes, special programs, artist residencies, and instructors at The Studio.

Bees Casket - Artwork
L'Ascia che Dorme (Let the Axe Sleep) - Artwork
Heliotrope Classico Moderno Amphora - Artwork
Horse Skeleton - Artwork
Capricorn II - Artwork
Goblet with Stem in Form of Female Figure - Artwork
Perfume Bottle with Stopper - Artwork
Ebony Asymmetrical - Artwork
Lace Mosaic Bowl - Artwork
Marble with Portraits - Artwork