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Worlds Within: The Evolution of the Paperweight


West Bridge
November 16, 2006 to March 18, 2007

Art forms by their very nature evolve over time, undergoing significant transformations depending on the cultural climate of the period. Worlds Within examined the transformation of the glass paperweight from the mid-19th century to the present day.

More than 180 %%paperweights%% and %%paperweight%%-related items from around the world illustrate a variety of significant changes in %%paperweight%% making since 1845, including experimentation with new forms and techniques, and the development of the idea of the %%paperweight%% as a microcosm containing artistically rendered scenes and figures.

The exhibition was curated by Laura Cotton, curatorial research assistant.

Megaplanet - Artwork
Millefiori Paperweight - Artwork
Stardust Carpet Ground Paperweight - Artwork
Apple Paperweight - Artwork
Fruit Paperweight - Artwork
Aventurine Crown Paperweight - Artwork
The Houghton Salamander - Artwork
Paperweight Vase with White Flowers and Leaves - Artwork
Paperweight with Iridescent Finish - Artwork
A Crystal Tribute - Artwork