2006 Rakow Commission Artist: Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards (2006)

Drift - Tim Edwards


Tim Edwards (Australian, b. 1967).
Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, 2006.
Blown glass, cased, cut.
H: 45.8 cm, W: 61.3 cm, D: 8 cm
2006.6.11, the 21st Rakow Commission.

Tim Edwards’ distinctive vessels have been represented in exhibitions throughout Australia and abroad.  He is best known for his pairs of simple rectangular vessels, separated by a visually charged gap of air, whose abstract, asymmetrical decoration covers the front and back of the forms.     

While being worked hot at the furnace, the vessels are overlaid with soft, natural colors, such as grass-like greens or earth-toned browns.  The patterns are made by carving away the outer surface of the colored glass to reveal the transparent glass beneath.  This is accomplished by hours of careful and exacting wheel cutting of the glass after it has cooled.  The blurred edges of the vessels and their surface texture are also achieved through patient cutting. 

“With this work, I hope to evoke a certain feeling one gets when discovering something simple and beautiful in something cluttered and complex, “ Edwards says. “ I want to pare it all down, concentrate on that feeling.”

Edwards sees beauty in the simple metal parts of complicated machines, in stones, and in the chance occurrence of patterns in the environment.  He captures these shapes in a journal, and draws and redraws them until they become his own.  His patterns in glass recall the patterns of cultivated fields, rock and cloud formations.