1994 Rakow Commission Artist: Ursula Huth

Ursula Huth (1994)

Mataram - Ursula Huth


Ursula Huth (German, b. 1952)
Germany, 1994
Hot-worked glass, applied decoration and cut, acid-etched, sandblasted, stained, enameled, and engraved glass; lead, copper-foil
Panel H: 60.4 cm, W: 73.8 cm
94.3.152, 9th Rakow Commission

Ursula Huth is an influential teacher and an innovative stained glass-maker and painter. This two-part piece is unusual for Huth in that it pairs a panel with a three-dimensional sculpture. Huth's interest in abstraction is rarely found in %%stained glass%%. This interest is shared by other influential German artists working in the medium, such as Ludwig Schaffrath, as well as by American artists such as Robert Kehlmann. In exploring non-traditional approaches and subject matter, Huth treats contemporary %%stained glass%% as if it were painting.

The abstract landscape and figures, one of which is in a furnace-worked glass boat, are mysterious. They refer to the exotic Indonesian landscape of Mataram, a region in central Java.

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