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We are excited to welcome you back to the Museum! Advanced tickets are required and are now available for purchase. We are currently opening ticket availability on a rolling basis. Currently, dates extend into August. Visit our Health & Safety page for updates

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  1. Paperweight with Horse

    Paperweight with Horse

    Compagnie des Verreries et Cristalleries de Baccarat
    about 1845-1855
    On Display

    83.3.55 Paperweight with Horse about 1845-1855 1845 1855 France, probably Baccarat 1983 1983 Paperweight with Horse Bequest of Clara S. Peck Overall H: 4.7 cm, Diam: 8.7 cm paperweight, engraved, millefiori, cut paperweights engraving millefiori glass Pap ...

  2. Paperweight


    Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis
    On Display

    82.3.40 Paperweight 1845-1855 1845 1855 France, Saint-Louis 1982 1982 Paperweight Gift of Arthur Rubloff Overall H: 4.7 cm, Diam: 7.6 cm paperweight, millefiori paperweights Paperweights European Colorless, Blue, White, Red colorless blue white paperweigh ...

  3. Paperweight with Star

    Paperweight with Star

    Val Saint Lambert
    Not on Display

    78.3.134 Paperweight with Star 1910-1935 1910 1935 Belgium, Seraing 1978 1978 Paperweight with Star Gift of The Honorable and Mrs. Amory Houghton Overall H: 5.7 cm, Diam: 8.7 cm millefiori, paperweight millefiori glass Paperweights 17 050 Modern and Conte ...

  4. Vase with Paperweight Base

    Vase with Paperweight Base

    about 1920
    Not on Display

    78.2.43 Vase with Paperweight Base about 1920 1920 1920 England, probably Birmingham 1978 1978 Vase with Paperweight Base Gift of the Honorable and Mrs. Amory Houghton Overall H: 10.9 cm; Rim Diam: 6.2 cm Fused Mosaic Glass Canes, Encased, Tooled, Cut, Po ...