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  1. Christmas Ornament

    Christmas Ornament

    94.3.40 A
    about 1930-1950
    Not on Display

    94.3.40 A Christmas Ornament about 1930-1950 1930 1950 Germany 1994 1994 Christmas Ornament mold-blowing silvering glass metal Modern and Contemporary colorless silver ornaments Not on Display Christmas Ornament. Colorless glass, metal caps and loops; mol ...

  2. Bowl with Stand

    Bowl with Stand

    Carder, Frederick
    about 1880-1890
    Not on Display

    2010.2.35 Bowl with Stand about 1880-1890 1880 1890 England 2010-05-26 2010-05-26 Bowl with Stand Overall H: about 41 cm, Diam (max): 27.7 cm blown cased cuts glass metal European amethyst pale yellow silver bowls Not on Display Amethyst and pale yellow g ...

  3. Cutlery


    Gurney, Daniel
    2010.3.120 A
    about 1750
    Not on Display

    2010.3.120 A Cutlery about 1750 1750 1750 Italy, Venice 2010-07-20 2010-07-20 Cutlery Overall W: 16.6 cm, Diam (max): 1.3 cm aventurine glass casting tooling assembling Renaissance Baroque glass steel The Corning Museum of Glass: Notable Acquisitions 2010 ...

  4. Silver Gray and White Christmas Tree Light Bulb

    Silver Gray and White Christmas Tree Light Bulb

    General Electric
    2011.4.100 E
    Not on Display

    2011.4.100 E Silver Gray and White Christmas Tree Light Bulb 1909-1925 1909 1925 United States 2011-11-08 2011-11-08 Silver Gray and White Christmas Tree Light Bulb Gift of Marvion E. and Esther D. Ashburn Overall H: 5.1 cm, Diam (max): 2.4 cm machine-mad ...

  5. Lampshade

    Not on Display


    Steuben Glass, Inc.
    Not on Display

    84.4.490 United States 1984 1984 Lampshade Bequest of Charles K. Bassett Overall H: 10.5 cm, Diam (max): 11 cm mold-blowing Iridizing American dk. green, light green silver lampshades Not on Display Lampshade. Light green with darker green diagonal stripe ...