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56th Annual Seminar on Glass

October 20 - 21, 2017
56th Annual Seminar on Glass

The 56th annual Seminar at The Corning Museum of Glass will highlight the innovation of Louis C. Tiffany’s glass mosaics. Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics, an exhibition and companion publication created by a partnership between The Corning Museum of Glass and The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass, is the first comprehensive study to better understand mosaics as an integral part of Tiffany’s business. While public fervor for Louis C. Tiffany’s artistry in glass continues, the unprecedented scope of this project is important because it highlights the need for vigilance in preserving mosaics as an aspect of Tiffany’s legacy.

Seminar speakers will explore the artistry of Tiffany’s mosaics, put Tiffany’s glass mosaics into context, and present new research that has come to light since the Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics exhibit opened in May 2017.

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