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Artist-in-Residence Lecture: Alison Siegel and Pamela Sabroso

The Studio
April 18, 2019 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Artists Alison Siegel and Pamela Sabroso will be collaborating as Artists-in-Residence at The Studio March 30 through April 26. Listen to them discuss their work and projects during this informal lecture on April 18.

During their residency, Siegel and Sabroso, who have been collaborating since 2014, are experimenting with cold and hot connection methods to create more complex, abstract and experimental objects than they have previously created together.

Free and open to the public; no reservations required.

Pamela Sabroso
Through playful forms, Pamela Sabroso’s collaborative work with Alison Siegel challenges common expectations of the possibilities of glass as a medium. Sabroso and Siegel are very good friends who encourage and inspire creativity in each other....
Alison Siegel
Alison Siegel’s collaborative work with Pamela Sabroso is inspired by nature, both real and imagined. Much of it is modeled off of tropical fruits, vegetables, sea life, or natural items foraged from local parks and vacant lots, such as tree bark,...