Guest Artist Series

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Guest Artist: Grant Garmezy

January 25 - 31, 2016
Grant Garmezy

Come see Grant Garmezy as a Guest Artist at the Museum at these events from Jan 25–31. Please refer to individual events for specific dates and times.

Grant stumbled upon glassmaking while studying Craft/Material Studies with a focus on jewelry at the Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts. Now, more than ten years later, he is a full-time glass artist based out of Richmond, Virginia. He draws his inspiration from nature, striving to capture not only the physical features of animal imagery, but also to tell a story. Even when describing what he loves about glass, Garmezy refers to the natural world saying: “I love its mustang quality of never wanting to be tamed. I love how it takes a team of highly skilled individuals to make my work.”

Grant Garmezy

Grant Garmezy

Raised on a farm outside of Nashville, Grant Garmezy began his artistic career working with metal and clay. He found glass in 2003 and has since been using the sculptural medium to create work influenced by his life on the farm. Garmezy now lives and works in Richmond, Va., as a professional glass artist and continues to draw inspiration from the environment of the American South.

Studio Faculty Presentation

January 26, 2016 7:30pm to 9:00pm
The Studio
Studio Faculty Presentation featuring Grant Garmezy, High Salkind, Mark Abildgaard, and Bill Gudenrath

Grant Garmezy Guest Artist Demo

January 31, 2016 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Amphitheater Hot Shop
Corning Bass, 15" x 9" x 6", hot sculpted glass 2015 by Grant Garmezy