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Live-streamed Studio Demonstration: DH McNabb

The Studio
June 4, 2014 11:00am to 12:00pm
Cloud Architecture by DH McNabb

Watch as DH McNabb demonstrates for his class, Glass: A Fluid Transfer of Knowledge, which will focus on strengthening students' understanding of glassblowing fundamentals including good posture and stance, efficient motion, and team cohesion.

No registration or fee is required to watch this portion of the class. Connect to our Ustream channel on June 4 at 11am EST to watch.

Unable to watch the live stream? Each demonstration will be added to our YouTube channel. See the full listing of past live-streamed demonstrations, and check back for new videos soon.

D.H. McNabb
D.H. McNabb grew up as a son of a military officer in Tampa, Fla. His eyes often wandered the globe in his father’s den, seeking to find where his parents had lived and traveled. He dreamt that he too would travel and glass has done just that. Glass...