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Live-streamed Studio Demonstration: Tim Drier

The Studio
September 5, 2012 11:00am to 12:00pm
Tim Drier

Watch Tim Drier demonstrate for his Studio course, Introduction to %%Flameworking%%, which will present a wide range of flameworking techniques using borosilicate glass. Students will work with glass tubing; make goblets, pendants, and beads; form sculpture and marbles; create perfume bottles and ornaments; and experiment with colored rods and powders, and scientific flameworking techniques. 

Tim Drier
Tim Drier has been a glassblower for 25 years, and applies his scientific glassblowing expertise to artistic flameworking. He concentrates on creating decanters, goblets, vases, and human sculptural forms. Drier has taught flameworking courses at...